What's this

This is a Fantom Pod repository. Anybody can publish Fantom pods to it.
The fanr root is: http://repo.status302.com/fanr/

Here are the core features:
  • You can find pods, either by using the search form on this page, or by using fanr
  • You can install pods from this repository using the fanr.
  • You can publish pods. They can be published publicly (anybody access it) or privately (only YOU can access it)

Finding pods

You can search for pods using the browse or search features here (searches across pod names and summaries), or by using the extensive fanr query syntax
For example: fanr query -r http://repo.status302.com/fanr/ "*mongo*"

Installing pods:

Once you have found a pod of your liking, you can use fanr to install it
For example (latest version) : fanr install -r http://repo.status302.com/fanr/ "somepod"
Or for a specific version : fanr install -r http://repo.status302.com/fanr/ "somepod 1.0.0"

Publishing pods to this repository

There are some requirement to be met before you can publish:
  • You will need to register for an account, so we know who owns which pods.
  • Make sure it has the REQUIRED METADATA in build.fan : name, version, summary, vcs.uri, license.name (More infos/Example)
  • The pod name must be valid and unique and not already in use by someone else.
  • The pod version must be unique for this pod.
You typically would use fanr to publish, but you may also manually publish a pod via the mypods page (You have to login first)

Public pods

You use the fanr command with your login and password to pubish a pod:
Publish: fanr publish -r http://repo.status302.com/fanr/ mypod -u yourusername

Private pods

To release a pod privately (only you an access it):
You MUST add the meta "repo.private":"true" in build.fan. (example)

Publish: fanr publish -r http://repo.status302.com/fanr/ mypod -u yourusername

Of course to install/query private pods it you will have to provide your username and password as well
Example: fanr install -r http://repo.status302.com/fanr/ "somepod 1.0.0" -u yourusername

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